When "another day" finally came...

Catalina Mountains, Lower Elevations

When "another day" finally came...

On my way to one of my favorite spots along the Catalina Highway (Babad Do'ag Lookout) and  just before I take the first and second curves on the road there is a small pull-out area with room for about four cars. Usually by the time I see this spot I have missed my opportunity to stop there. Then I quickly scan the area before driving through those two first curves (don't worry, I am being careful), and invariably I tell myself, "I will stop there another day."


Well, "another day" finally came and what a wonderful surprise it was. Two Sundays ago I was planning on driving all the way to Windy Point when I remember this pullout parking area, so I finally stopped and parked there before driving any further up this mountain road. 
Shaded Hill with Saguaros
After a very short walk I found myself staring at a very interesting canyon on my left and at a saguaro dotted hill on my right. I decided to go left and quickly found some interesting compositions and different ways to frame this canyon whose name I do not know. As you can see in this photo, the canyon was by now mostly in shadows and the spare clouds added just the right touch to my frame.

I took several other photos here. I walked just a bit farther into the canyon until I realized that there was barely any trail at all, a couple of hikers coming down from the canyon actually confirmed this, "basically just boulder hopping, very pretty" they told me. I decided that having my best camera mounted in a tripod was not the ideal situation for me to go "boulder hopping" at this time, so I basically stayed where I was and enjoy the scenery, I hope you like it too.


March 19, 2018 


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