Cloudscape, Tucson, Arizona


They are just like Landscapes ... except they are bigger, fleeting, ethereal, and unique, ok, so sort of like Landscapes.
I have always liked Montana's car license plates slogan "Big Sky Country" and thought that maybe Arizona's should be "Big Clouds Country." But, I know, it's hard to compete with one of the wonders of the world so I guess we would have to get by with "The Grand Canyon State" for a while longer.
The Catalina and Rincon Mountains, just two of the ranges that surround this place we call Tucson are particularly good at attracting and displaying these beautiful cloudscapes, and such was the case for this one.
I framed this picture on the northeast corner of the city where the eastern Catalina's meet the northern Rincon's. The data of the photo told me it was taken the last evening of July 2016, at 7:15 PM to be exact.
What I remember though of that evening is that the east side of Tucson was treated to a spectacular symphony of clouds and colors that are common for that time of the year. Also, this moment I captured must have been the crescendo of the evening. For some of you I suppose you had to be there for this photo to have an impact on you, or if you also have been blessed to have seen something like this in the past, go ahead and let your imagination soar and enjoy the symphony one more time, as it were.

February 14, 2018


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