Marsh Station Road

Cienega Creek Preserve from 1921 Road Bridge

Marsh Station Road.

My list of far away and amazing places to visit keeps growing. More places are added than those that get checked off the list. A lot of times it is not easy to get away as I would like to do.

There are places nearby, nevertheless, that one can always get to without hardly any planning. Some of those places might surprise you, especially around Tucson, Arizona, located at the edge of the Sonoran Desert and surrounded by mountains. Where was I? oh, yes, nearby! So I have learned to temporarily, and quite often at that, quench my thirst for the far and amazing places with a quick visit to the nearby and wonderful locations in this area.

Such was the case yesterday. Unplanned, unscripted, with a bottle of water and a ready camera on a monopod I headed out on a familiar and pleasant drive to the southeast part of town. Then I remembered a photo of a train bridge I had seen on the web from somewhere near this area. Something about Marsh Train Station, or so I recalled. Right about now you should have already noticed something close to an oxymoron in the making in this post: Tucson and Marsh. What? Arid desert and wetlands?

So I searched for Marsh and Train and Station or something like that on my phone and found "Marsh Station Road", and I was not too far away from it! Surely that would get me to where I thought I wanted to go, to what I seemed to remember seeing, right? So off I went.

First I came across Gabe Zimmerman Arizona Trail Trailhead location. I pulled out into the parking lot, enjoyed the amazing vistas from this location, and moved on. I did not have to drive too long before I saw a very colorful sign that read "Cienega Creek Preserve", next to a small parking lot. This sounded interesting and judging by the time of day I said to myself, "The train bridge will have to wait for another day.”

But next to this parking lot was a big train bridge that spanned Cienega Creek below. There was also a very nice road bridge built in 1921 that is now listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The creek below actually had running water, and the vegetation was lush, beautiful, cool, and so like nothing I was expecting to see. I walked around here for a while, took many pictures, and concluded this was not the place I remember from the web; but at the same time thought that maybe it was. Regardless, I enjoyed the moment of the outing, the place, the stillness of the area, and the beautiful natural surroundings. All of that so nearby. Next time you long to go somewhere, just go, somewhere ... it's amazing how you will find yourself there.

February 26, 2018


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