Not What I Had In Mind, but ...

Early Morning Horse

Not What I Had In Mind, but ...

This morning I did something I have been thinking about doing for a long time, yes, really I have. Getting up early enough to go photograph the sunrise on the East Side of Tucson, close to my home, not a huge sacrifice, I admit especially in the Fall season, but then again we all have our own individual challenges.

The picture above is not exactly a typical sunrise picture, the sunrise one will have to wait for another day. I did get up early, Ok, maybe not as early as I wanted, to drive as far as I wanted, to setup my gear pointing to the Rincon Mountains and the Tanque Verde Valley on the North East corner of Tucson, etc., but I did get up, and because of the time it was I drove to another location instead and, ... the sunrise was not that great. No disrespect to God, not ungrateful for the challenge that this early morning nevertheless presented to me, and one that I confess, I was not ready to take on.
I realize later that I am so used to shooting Sunsets that I forgot that a Sunrise is just the same, except for everything being exactly opposite.
On a sunset, I have to hurry before it is too dark which is usually not a problem, but on a sunrise I have to hurry before it is too bright, which seems to happen too quickly. Yes it is just that simple I suppose in the big scheme of things, but today, not thinking correctly I waited for the right light and pretty soon, I had too much light! So, driving back home in a somewhat defeated mood I noticed this horse scene and decided to stop. Now I had a totally different challenge in front of me, and this is what I was able to do with it.
The lesson for the day was this, no matter how well (or in this case, how bad) you prepare for your next photographic challenge, or any challenge I suppose, you have to be ready for the one immediately after that, whether you prepared for it or not. Most of the time I suppose, we don't get to pick our challenges, they just show up, every day, ready or not, they are there. We must let go of the last one, regardless of its outcome and start again, bad mood, good mood, whatever, just keep moving forward. The rewards would come as your mood improves. I am thankful for that.

November 22, 2017


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