The Old is New Again - Sonoran Desert Landscape

The Old is New Again - Sonoran Desert Landscape.

Sometimes you need to get to the end of something old before you get to start something new ... or to simply start the same thing all over again. And so it was with my photographic journey.

As much as I love photography, the joy of it all had somehow gotten away from me. I needed a new start but first I needed to look back at what I was doing and this is what I saw: I wasn't getting out to make photographs just for the sake of making photographs. My camera was now too heavy and uninspiring, it had become adequate but not exciting anymore, my interest in it had now vanished like all the fleeting sunsets I had failed to capture with it in the past. It's not that the equipment failed me, I failed to properly use it, to grow with it and into it, and the same goes for other photography areas as well.

I wasn't spending time editing my photos because I was too lazy to learn and practice using my photo editing tools. Here too it wasn't the software's fault, it was my fault. Because I wasn't editing the few photos I was capturing, nothing was getting printed. Because nothing was printed, nothing was displayed on the walls of my house, they where blank, full of empty possibilities and failed promises I had made to myself, and such was the state of my photographic creativity too.

To get out of this rut I started looking and admiring the natural areas around me all over again, the mountains, the valleys, the vegetation. I caught myself admiring cloudscapes and sunsets with more joy than I had in the past. Then I started reading about new technologies, new cameras, new software, etc. I decided to look at the beauty around me and not at my past failed attempts to capture it.

Eventually I purchased a new camera because I wanted a complete fresh start and I tried new software on my computer as well. This time I actually studied these items, I learned how to use them better than my previous choices and with a purpose in mind. All this was not in vain, my interest and passion for photography was renewed. The last three years have been the most prolific and I believe also my most productive years in photography.

The significance of the photo I picked for this post is this: I started going to the end of a well traveled road in Tucson to begin my new journey. At "the end of Speedway Blvd." is where I went to slow down and where I found new landscapes, sunsets, ideas and yes, even new dreams.

If you welcome advice, here's my two cents: don't let your creativity flame expire, give it a new spark, rekindle your joys in ways only you can determine, examine yourself, change yourself, better yourself.

October 19, 2017


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